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We Make Eyes Smile! 

Whether it is glasses, contact lenses, or treating your eye condition, your eyes are in good hands at Visualeyes. They are sure to smile! 

Stylish and Modern Frames


With over 1,000 frames, you are sure to find something you like at Visualeyes Optometry. From classic and conservative, to funky and flirty, we have the frame for you. Our trained opticians are here to help you in every step along the way to make sure we find one (or more) frames that will enhance your personality! 


Dr. Lee Dodge is very active in the optometric community, serving leadershp positions in both the local and state optometric organizations, being an assistant clinical professor at an optometric university, as well as volunteering all over the state. These are some reasons why he won the Young Optometrist of the Year award for California in 2011. 

Contact Lenses


These aren't your mother's contact lenses. The contact lenses of today are comfortable and provide superior vision. Not only are there standard designs, but we carry scleral contact lenses and orthokeratology lenses for those patients that need something more! Visualeyes Optometry has access to almost every brand out there, so we know that we can get you to see clearly and comfortably! 

A Message from our Managing Optometrist,

This is truly a great time in the history of medical advances for the eye. New research is continually being done in the areas of diagnosing and treating eye diseases, safer and more comfortable contact lenses, and refractive surgery (LASIK). I have been in the optical field since I was 18 when I got my first job as an optician. 
The changes that have been made in only the past few years truly fascinate me.

Today, I have never been so proud as to be able to teach my patients that nearly everyone can have the type of correction they desire. Patients who have been told they can’t wear contact lenses now can! Patients who have been told they have to wear glasses or contacts for the rest of their life are now having the surgery that they could not have before! Patients with blinding eye diseases that have been missing out on certain activities can now perform them with specially prescribed low vision devices! The opportunities are endless.

Since opening my own practice, I have been dedicated to educating and improving the lifestyle of all my patients. I hope that when you enter my office you can sense that feeling, not only from me, but my entire staff as well. We use only the finest equipment and products here at Visualeyes Optometry. It is this fact, along with the caring and experienced staff, that will leave you feeling safe and well cared for.

I honestly can’t think of any other profession that I would rather be in.

I look forward to seeing you very soon!

                                                               - Lee Dodge, O.D.

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