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Located in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, Visualeyes Optometry has been serving its residents for over 50 years! Dr. Lee Dodge, O.D. joined Visualeyes Optometry in September 2006, assuming the responsibilities of Dr. David Stein, O.D. who had practiced in the San Fernando Valley for over 45 years. Built almost purely on patient referrals, Visualeyes Optometry has quickly become one of the best known optometric centers in Southern California. At VIsualeyes Optometry, we do not have "patients." Everyone here is an extension of our family that come from all over the world to receive the best eyecare on the planet! 

Our Vision Statement: 

We Make Eyes Smile!

Our Mission Statement:
Life is Beautiful. At Visualeyes Optometry, we provide the best examination and finest eyewear options so you 
may see the beauty with the clearest and healthiest eyes possible! 

“With the support and patients of Dr. Dodge and Dr. Berg, my entire LASIK experience was absolutely delightful.I could not be happier. I'm passing the word along to my firends and colleagues that it's possible to go from glasses/contacts to freedom in an amazingly short period of time!"

Judy Baldwin

"I have been going to Visualeyes for over 15 years and when I heard that Dr. Dodge was the new owner and took over I was a little unhappy. I ended up absolutely loving Dr Dodge after my first visit. Dr. Dodge is so patient, informative and is someone that made me feel very comfortable in the first 5 minutes of my first eye exam. You have a great staff at Visualeyes! Your team makes me look forward to getting my yearly eye check and buying my always cute new glasses."
Karla Salcedo-Guijarro
"Dear Dr. Dodge and Rochelle-
A quick note to say thank you for taking such good care of me and really listening to my concerns. I LOVE my new Silhouette glasses, they are the best prescription I have ever had. It was worth the wait."
Linda Saltzman
“I drove from Orange County to Dr. Dodge's office based on a referral, and now Dr. Dodge in my regular optometrist despite the hour-long drive. It;s refreshing to see an office that is not the typical, boring medical practice, but yet is extremely clean and professional. Dr. Dodge was very knowledgeable and made sure that I understood the exam results as well. Rather than a typical doctor-patient relationship, I felt Dr. Dodge went out of his way to make me feel at ease and comfortable. It was definitely worth the drive!"

Gilda Olivarez

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