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How The Eye Works and 20/20 Vision

Everything you wanted to know about how we SEE.

Ocular Nutrition

A guide to a natural way to keep your eyes healthy and seeing well.

Mature Vision

Describes changes in vision that may occur in the later years of life.

Children's Vision

Good vision involves many skills working together to enable a child not only to see clearly, but to understand what he or she sees. A child's vision is quite different than an adult's vision.

Sports Vision

Athletes require specialized vision, which has to be more accurate than the average individual.

Vision Therapy

This is a series of non-surgical techniques for improving/correcting many vision problems.

Because reading requires more processes than seeing distance vision, it generally causes
more problems and requires different examinations and glasses.


Eye care experts agree that watching television will not harm your eyes or vision if the room is lit properly and if you follow a few of these viewing tips.

Computers and Devices
Computer work demands a very high standard of vision. Because there is such a great demand on your eyes, there is always the potential of eyestrain. Special examinations and solutions are available for those that spend more than a few minutes on the computer everyday.

Cosmetics and the Eyes

Certain cosmetic trends and ingredients can cause more harm to your eye than good! Be sure you are aware and are not doing anything that can cause problems to your eyes. 

Smoking and the Eyes

We all know that smoking cigarettes affects the heart and lungs, but did you know that it can affect your eyes as well? 

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