Welcome to our New Normal! Many aspects of Visualeyes has changed due to COVID-19. Below is an email sent to all patients before their appointment describing our procedures that will be utilized during these time. 

Before your appointment, we would like to take a moment to inform you of what to expect during this COVID 19 pandemic. Your safety is of utmost importance to us during these times.


Prior to your appointment:

  • A couple of days before your appointment, please complete the paperwork. This can be sent to you via email or text. 

  • On the day before the appointment or on the day of; complete a COVID  19 screen: COVID 19 Wellness Assessment

For your appointment:

  • A mask must always be worn while in the office.

  • Your temperature will be taken prior to entering the office.

    • If your temperature is 99.5 and higher, we must reschedule your appointment for one week later.

  • We will ask you to use the hand sanitizer once you enter the office and before the appointment begins.

  • We can only allow the patient with the appointment into the office.

    • If you have a caregiver OR are a legal guardian to a minor (who has an appointment), we can only allow the caregiver and guardian to accompany the patient. No other friends or family members can be in the office for capacity reasons.

  • Please be on time! We cannot guarantee your appointment if you are late.

After your appointment:

  • For your convenience, we can ship your eyewear or contacts to you directly for a small fee. Please ask your optician.

  • If you must return to the office for any reason, an appointment will be scheduled for you.

Please note:

  • We have signs on the floor to keep you 6 feet apart from other patients or team members.

  • We have limited the number of patients allowed in the office.

  • We have reduced the use of waiting in the office.

  • To keep you safe, we are disinfecting all points of contact after every patient.

  • We have removed pens and clipboards.

  • Our team is screened daily and have been trained in personal protective equipment to protect you.

  • Walk-ins are no longer permitted during these times.

  • We have provided desk hooks to hang purses and backpacks. Please do not use chairs.


We take your health and safety seriously. If you have any question regarding your upcoming appointment or would like to know about additional steps we are taking, please call our office and ask for the manager.


We will see you soon and thank you for your continued trust in us!