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Full comprehensive eye exams are offered to diagnose conditions such as near-sightedness (myopia), 
far-sightedness (hyperopia), the need for reading glasses (presbyopia), astigmatism, or other eye-related 
problems. The full exam not only includes a prescription for glasses, but also testing for the alignment of the eyes, the ability to focus, and the health of the front and back of the eyes. 



We offer the latest in contact lens technology, along with any type of lens available. Those with dry eyes, 
astigmatism, and the need for reading glasses are all finding that they can now wear contacts successfully. After 
our optometrist fits the perfect lens for you, a trial period is included to insure your success with contact lens wear.

We also fit specialty contact lenses, such as scleral lenses, theatrical lenses, and orthokeratology. 


Are you eyes itching, watering, or have become red suddenly? Our optometrists are licensed to treat ocular conditions such as glaucoma, ocular allergies, dry eyes, and conjunctivitis (commonly referred to as "pink eye"), among many other ocular diseases. Sometimes the therapy requires something simple, sometimes a precription. But no matter what, we will help cure your ailment. 


Ever thought of LASIK or eye surgery to rid yourself of the need of glasses or contacts? Our optometrists do all 
screening and pre/post-op evaluations for PRK, LASIK and any other surgery to correct your vision. Come in today to see if you are a candidate for one of these excellent procedures.


We love to see patients of any age at Visualeyes. For our younger patients we have a multitude of tests to ensure that you little one is seeing as well as they should. 


The prevalence of myopia seems to be getting worse and worse every year. With an increased nearsightedness comes increased risk of eye problems. At Visualeyes, we keep up with the latest treatments and techniques to help our patients vision not progress as quickly and strongly!

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