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Caring For Your New Glasses

What to expect from your new glasses
If you are getting eyeglasses for the first time or getting a new prescription, please allow 1-2 weeks for your eyes to adjust to the new lenses. In the beginning, you could experience mild dizziness, headaches, or even slight nausea. These symptoms are normal; however, if they persist, please call our office.

If you experience any problems with your new frames, including discomfort on the nose or ears, return to our office for an adjustment. Also, your glasses should remain stationary on your face when you nod or turn your head. If your glasses slide down your nose or tilt to one side, we will be happy to adjust them for you. Please do not try to adjust them yourself.

Caring for your new glasses

  • Always keep your glasses in a case when not in use. This will protect your lenses from scratches and will also help to extend the life of your frame.To avoid scratching, never lay your lenses directly on any type of hard or abrasive surface.

  • Be sure to use two hands when putting on or removing your glasses. One-handed techniques are one of the most common cause of glasses coming out of alignment.

  • Never wear your glasses on the top of your head. This can cause your glasses to lose their shape.

  • Your glasses will last longer if you have them adjusted periodically. This allows us to check for loose screws or other possible problems. If your frame breaks, do not attempt to repair it with tape or glue. Bring it to us, and we will repair it properly.

  • Glasses are easy to break, scratch, or damage so be careful!

Cleaning your new glasses

  • Clean your frames and lenses on a regular basis.

  • Use a mixture of 50:50 rubbing alcohol and water in a squirt bottle. This is the best solution to remove any smudges or oils on the lenses. We do sell a special glasses cleaner at the office for $5. This includes unlimited refills! Then use a 100% cotton cloth or the provided microfiber cloth to dry them.

  • To avoid scratching, never wipe your lenses when they are completely dry. Never use any paper products, i.e., paper towels or tissues.

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