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Corneal Arcus

Corneal arcus is a white or gray opaque ring in the margin of the peripheral cornea. It results from cholesterol deposits in the corneal stroma and may be associated with ocular defects or with familial hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol). It can be a sign of disturbance in lipid metabolism, an indicator of conditions such as hypercholesteremia, 
hyperlipoproteinemia or hyperlipidemia.

Unilateral arcus can be a sign of carotid artery disease or ocular hypotony (abnormally low intraocular pressure often related to uveitis).

At the moment, there is no treatment for this condition. It is simply monitored by our optometrists. Although many time this ocular finding is simply because of genetics, it is prudent to test cholesterol and lipid levels during the next medical examination.

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